Textured Surfaces Can Transform Your Home

For centuries, stone, paint and glass have been elements commonly found in homes throughout the world. Today, revolutionary techniques and the interest in preserving the well being of our planet are rapidly changing this landscape.

One remodeling and home improvement trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of textured surfaces. In addition to creating interesting environments, they also provide homeowners with a chance to differentiate their living quarters into one-of-a-kind experiences.

For  years, wallpaper and paint options have remained fairly basic. Lately, companies like Faux Like a Pro are transforming the options available. They specialize in faux textured paint looks, which give homeowners the chance to experiment with paints, plasters and stencils that can be used to create the dimensional look of tree bark, etched glass and other three dimensional textured shapes. The beauty of their products is that looks can easily be changed without exuding a great deal of time, money or effort.

Design Your Wall offers an array of wallpaper options that deviate from the standard neutral and floral options. Their wallpaper selection includes, embossed prints, metallic selections with embedded Mica Chips and a host of other eclectic choices – great options for homeowners looking to spice up a room or incorporate texture and color into their living space.

Another increasingly popular alternative is the use of recycled glass. Many contractors who specialize in countertops are receiving requests for the incorporation of wine bottles and old dishes into countertops. Not only does this create a completely personalized look, but it also gives homeowners the chance to incorporate items that are memorable and sentimental – allowing these nostalgic pieces to have an everlasting home in the residence. Vetrazzo encourages clients to recycle items that might normally be thrown away. Their techniques not only result in a multi-dimensional masterpieces, but are also “green” practices that provide a sustainable living environment. 

The idea that concrete, tile or stone should have to appear in the standard shades of browns and grays has shifted as well. Many home improvement companies are now allowing customers to dictate exactly how they want these surfaces to appear. For example, Dex Studios – Concrete and Terrzzo, creates custom pieces that reflect the use of concrete in very customized ways. Customers start by selecting the concrete color and percentage of other colors to be incorporated. Next, the customer selects which items should be embedded – quartz, glass, cork or wood.

According to Ronique Gibson, Assoc. A.I.A, LEED A.P.of Stagetecture, a full-service home staging and interior design firm, “Textured wall surfaces are a wonderful way to bring dimension and appeal to an ordinary flat wall.  The result is an artistic look you can touch and makes your space feel one-of-a-kind. Textured surfaces in wall coverings, paints, and faux finishes are a great way for your home to feel organic and natural.”

If you have any other ideas or surfaces that you’ve had experience with, please share them with us at homeimprovement@dexknows.com.

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