8 Holiday Gifts For the Home Improvement Enthusiast On Your List

We would like to thank our friends at CalFinder for creating an insightful checklist for the home improvement buff on your holiday shopping list! Enjoy…

Finding the perfect gift for the home improvement guru in your life can be tough—especially when you aren’t familiar with the tools of the trade. To get you on the right track, here are 8 gifts that any home loving person would swoon over. Seriously.

1. Bostich Anti-Vibe Hammer – $28

Home improvement pros may have a plethora of hammers to choose from, but chances are they’re nothing like the Anti-Vibe hammer from Bostitch. The face is 75% larger than other hammers, with technology that helps to reduce vibration and cut down on arm fatigue. Now that’s cool.

2. Black & Decker Powered Caulk Gun – $45

Unless you have an unusually steady hand, caulking can be quite a messy task. That’s where the Black & Decker Powered Caulk Gun comes in handy, drawing the perfect line of caulk that most people only dream about. Seal up your leaky doors and windows just in time for winter.

3. Ryobi AirGrip Laser Level – $20

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to hang pictures without another set of eyes guiding you. Unless you have the AirGrip Laser Level. It features a vacuum-grip suction that keeps it in place while your hands are busy hanging.

4. Lie-Nielsen Multi-Tip Screwdriver – $60

Looking for that special tool that your home improvement pal will treasure for years to come? The Lie-Nielsen Multi-Tip Screwdriver is a handmade tool every bit as functional as it is beautiful. It comes with interchangeable Phillips, square, and slotted heads.

5. Black & Decker Automatic Adjustable Wrench – $12With the ability to adjust itself to a variety of different sizesup to 1 1/4 inch, the Black & Decker Automatic Adjustable Wrench makes a bunch of home improvement jobs that much easier—and that’s sure to make any homeowner happy.

6. Bosch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander – $50

Looking for a sander that delivers a superior smooth finish and allows for easy use? Then the Bosch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander is the way to go. Plus, it has a twist-off dust canister to make cleaning a breeze. Great for kitchen projects, painting and decks & patios.

7. PlantSense EasyBloom Plant Sensor – $40

Perhaps gardening isn’t the strong suit of the person on your list. That’s A-OK, as long as they use the EasyBloom Plant Sensor from PlantSense. You dig this brilliant invention into the soil, and then plug it into a computer’s USB port to learn precisely which plants, flowers, vines, and trees are best suited for the landscape, plus plant care advice and watering instructions.

8. Gerstner Hobby Roller Cabinet – $499

What better way to round out a collection of DIY gifts than this beautiful cabinet to store it all in? The Hobby Roller Cabinet from Gerstner has felt-lined drawers to ensure that everything stays put, as well as a nonslip top that doubles as a work area.

No more excuses. You now have all the info you need to get shopping for that DIYer on your list—no doubt they’ll be surprised by your expertise.


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