How to Find a Reputable Maid Service for Your Home

cleaning servicesHiring a maid service can be a welcome relief for many overworked and stressed homeowners. In order to ensure the relief does not turn into even more frustration, you must make sure you hire a reputable maid service that can be depended on to properly clean your home and care for the items in it as you would yourself. Employing a bad maid service can be worse than employing no service at all, so know what to look for on your search.

What You Need to Know

  • Protect yourself from theft, damage, and employee accidents by looking for companies with liability insurance, bonded employees and service warranties.
  • Liability insurance protects you from a lawsuit if the service employee is injured on your property.
  • An employee bond protects you from theft by a service employee.

Step 1

Start your search in the Dex listings and make a list of maid service companies in your area. The best way to find a reputable company is by recommendation from someone you trust and looking at the reviews in the Dex listings. Your neighbors are also an excellent resource; you can get in touch with their maids and capitalize on scheduling because they’re already working in the area.

Step 2

Contact the companies on your list and ask screening questions: How long have they been in business? Does the service have liability insurance, and are their employees bonded? What guarantee do you offer? If a maid damages or breaks an item in my home, how do you handle it?

Step 3

Eliminate from your list companies that do not provide liability insurance, bond their employees or offer a guarantee. If you have more than three companies remaining on your list, use the answers to the other questions to narrow your choices down to two or three companies.

Step 4

Contact the remaining companies and ask them to provide you with references and a quote for housecleaning. Also ask about any specialized service that you might desire, such as window cleaning, oven cleaning, or rug shampooing. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any of the companies on your list have multiple complaints outstanding.

Step 5

Contact the references provided and review the quotes. Select the company that you feel will provide the best service.

Tips & Warnings

  • If possible, meet with the service on the initial cleaning to discuss the products that will be used at your home. This is especially important if items in your home require specialty cleaners, or if household members have allergies to specific cleaning products.
  • If you have pets, make sure the service assigns employees to clean your home who are comfortable around animals. If you will not be available for the initial cleaning, make sure the cleaners assigned to your home are introduced to your pets before they arrive to clean.
  • You can usually receive a discount for scheduling regular maid service, but it’s smart to schedule one individual cleaning at first to ensure that you are happy with the work.
  • After you have used one of the services, go back to the listing in the Dex directory and leave a review!

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