Comparing Ideas for Shower Walls

shower wall ideas

Updating the shower walls is one way you can give your bathroom a makeover without having to change the footprint. You can tackle this project in different ways, from using synthetic tub surrounds that look like marble to mosaic or even subway tiles. Consult a local professional tile installer as you make your plans to improve the value of your house.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine can add depth and texture to your shower walls. It is a type of limestone that looks best in neutral settings or with earthy colors. Typical colors for travertine tiles include ivory, beige, walnut, and gold; these colors are the result of iron compounds in the material. Apply protective sealant on the tiles and grout to prevent mildew and water stains.

Decorative Tiles

Embellish shower walls with decorative tiles. Find tiles with textures that you can use as borders for ceramic tiles or slates, or choose a tile mural that will fit inside your shower wall niche to add visual impact. Paint over existing tiles using waterproof ceramic paints to create your own mural, or commission a mural artist to create a design. Save money by buying embossed metallic tiles to add texture and depth to your shower walls. Insert one piece after every four or six pieces of ordinary tiles.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles will go well with a contemporary or modern bathroom. Using glass tiles can give the shower walls a reflective iridescence. Choose blue glass tiles on the shower walls, ceilings and floors to give you a sense of calmness, as if you are underwater. Or create a mosaic mural design of sea-life creatures such as whales, seahorses and turtles. For a simple, sleek design, use subway glass tiles for your shower walls in a white or pale green color. Or add a bold statement and make your shower walls stand out by choosing flashy and bright colors such as red, yellow and orange.

Granite Slabs

Add elegance to your bathroom by using granite slabs for your shower walls. Granite slabs are more durable than tiles because they are thicker. The lack of grout lines make them easier to maintain. Granite slabs as shower walls are expensive, because they come from natural materials and usually require professional installation. Use granite tiles if you prefer the look of granite without the expense, but be ready to maintain the grout lines.

Synthetic Shower Surround

Installing synthetic shower surround can give your shower wall an updated look that is easy to maintain and easier on your wallet than many other options. They are made of synthetic materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass and plastic. Some synthetic shower surrounds are designed to look like real marble or granite.

Any of these looks can be handled by a professional tile installer. Start your search in the local Dex listings.

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