The Advantages of Sliding Patio Doors

patio doorsIf you are considering removing your traditional patio door and replacing it with sliding glass patio doors, you are making a wise decision. In addition to brightening your room with sunlight, a glass sliding door frees up space and is generally more aesthetically pleasing than a solid swinging door. Installing a sliding door can help unify your living room or other interior rooms with your patio; all you have to do is slide the door open and feel the breeze from outside.

Space Saver

Installing sliding patio doors will help to free up space in your kitchen, family room, sunroom or whichever room leads to the patio. When you do not have a traditional door swinging all the way open, you are free to install bookshelves or other shelving on the sides of the doors. With the additional space, you might also add an end table or plant stand to the room.


Sliding patio doors allow so much more light into the room than a traditional door. If the room does not have many windows, the sliding glass doors will help to brighten it up. These doors are the optimal choice for a sunroom. With more light entering the room, you can add a few more plants that require exposure to sunlight.

Watching Children

If you have children or pets, you will feel more secure allowing them to play in the backyard when it is easier to keep an eye on them. Especially in the colder months, when you want to keep both the door and the screen door closed, the sliding patio doors make it possible for you to watch the kids without having to run to the door every few minutes to make sure they are okay.


Newer sliding patio doors offer more safety and security to a home than older sliding patio doors. Most have a security foot latch that you can slide over at night to keep anyone from opening the door from the outside. With no door handle or traditional latch to tamper with, potential burglars will have a more difficult time breaking in.


Sliding patio doors are more attractive than a traditional door. With all the window treatments available to decorate them, the doors look better from both the inside and the outside of the house. Hang some sleek fabric vertical blinds or bamboo shades on the doors.


Sliding doors are better for the environment for a variety of reasons. While typical swinging doors are composed of wood, sliding doors are made from glass, vinyl, or metal. You can even find sliding doors made of recycled materials. Additionally, sliding patio doors often expand much further than hinged doors, allowing more air into your home. On a nice day, you can open the door and allow the breeze to cool your home, rather than turning on the air conditioner.

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