Top Pic: Silver Place Setting

Photo by Jaime Windon

I really like what this image is of: an old-fashioned place setting with modern flourishes.

The plates remind me of some silver serving platters given to me. I’m always looking for an excuse to use mine, but they’re so much fancier than anything I own that they typically seem a touch out of place when they make it on the table. But your wedding is a great time to be fancy, so bring on the silver plates!

I’m also a fan of that printed menu. The artwork is reminiscent of the scrolling curlicues along the sides of the plate, yet still has a modern feel. And I like that the cream and black of the menu keeps with the formal vibe of the place setting. (For more on black-and-white weddings, check out our guide “How to Decorate for a Black & White Wedding.”)

Lastly, how pretty is that soft pink cast on the place setting? I think it takes the edge off of a setting that could otherwise seem uber-formal and adds a touch of romance.

Photo by Jaime Windon


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