Top Pic: Colorful Bridesmaids Dresses

Wedding bridal party in saris

Whenever I see this photo I think: Pretty!

The bridesmaids all look great in their traditional Indian saris, as does the bride. And I applaud the decision to give each bridesmaid a different bold color. The saris are striking enough on their own (check out the pattern and the way they’re wrapped), but they look amazing together. It’s like a rainbow of bridesmaids.

If you too have a bevy of bridesmaids (or even just one or two), check out “Bridesmaid Gift Ideas” for some gift suggestions for your bridal party.

Photo by Joe Photo


  1. Would you be able to contact this bride and ask her how much those sarees were? I was actually looking to do this same exact thing for my wedding – a rainbow of colors – but wanted a more solid estimate on how much they will cost. The saris are beautiful! (And so is the bride!) Thanks!

  2. I am getting married in Dec to a man from India. I have desperatly been looking for saris of matching pattern but different colors as shown in your photo above. I would greatly appreciate knowing where to get saris like this. Thanks, Julie

  3. was wondering if u could find out where they brought the matching sarees. need for about 6 bridesmaids and its so hard to find different colours in the same style.

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