Top Pic: Wine Cork Place Cards

wine cork wedding place cards

This is adorable.

Using wine corks to prop up your place cards is such a clever idea, perfect for a couple of wine enthusiasts. The white print on black card stock is a sleek touch as well. The place cards look like mini chalkboards.

This a nice combination of upscale (wine) and casual (drawings of fish with bubbles coming out of their mouths). And the fact that the place cards say “groom” and “bride” instead of their names adds to the charm somehow.

I’m a fan of the photographer’s choice to let everything blur behind the “bride” and “groom.” That’s basically what the whole day is like.

Used wine corks as place cards are a fantastic budget wedding idea and just the sort of tip we’re looking for from couples in our wedding giveaway. If you are on your way to the altar and have similarly smart ideas, you should enter our giveaway: Four couples will get $10,000 each toward their weddings. Maybe you’ll be one….

And for more place card ideas, check out our guide “Ideas for Wedding Place Cards.”

Photo by Jessi Ringer


  1. Man, I wish someone had suggested that to me before I decided to try to make a 3 foot by 5 foot bulletin board out of corks … so much smarter to just do this!

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