Top Pic: Dress and Bouquet Detail

I’ve always been iffy on pomander bouquets (that’s what these ball-like arrangements are called), but this picture has changed my mind.

I usually prefer the pretty casualness of less structured bouquets, and pomanders are far from unstructured. But the mums and the seed pods (I think) make for such an unusual and obviously unstuffy combination.

Also, how pretty is the sheer throw over the bride’s arms and the simple pearl bracelet?

I almost chose a shot of the bride leaning on a worn wooden fence with the bouquet hanging from her wrist as my Top Pic. She looked so pretty and I have a fondness for worn, wooden fences. But in the end, I was wooed by this simple shot of the bouquet offset by the gown and throw, not to mention that ethereal light.

Photo by Van Buren Photography


  1. The pomander is nice. Quite different and it shows her style. I too love her throw she’s wearing with the bit of lace on the end. I’d love to see what the rest of it looks like.

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