Photo Gallery: Wedding Shoes

I used to be a very sensible shoe person. Then I discovered how much fun they are. Now I own both shiny red high heels and shiny red flats, not to mention green shoes, gold shoes, purple shoes and very pale pink shoes.

So it’s probably no surprise that I gravitate toward the wedding shoe shots and engagement shoe shots that are popular these days.

For ladies who are shoe-minded like myself, consider the photos above a very nonexhaustive guide to your wedding shoe personality. Are you a traditional white shoe gal? If so, do you prefer lace, bows or patent leather? Or maybe you like something more colorful and funky? And we’ve got ideas for stylish grooms as well.

If you have a favorite shoe (or shoe shot) in the photo gallery, tell us about it in the comments! Or give us the lowdown on the weddings shoe you plan to wear.

Check out our video, “Selecting Bridal Shoes” for more.

Photos by John Partridge, James Christianson, Frank Amodo, Kristel Wyman and Renai Photography

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