Top Pic: Adorable Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

laughing ring bearer and flower girl

Little kids are cute.

That said, I have mixed feelings about ring bearers and flower girls — I’ve gone to a bunch of weddings where they misbehaved and pulled the attention away from the bride and groom, which was a shame. I myself was a flower girl once upon a time, and while I didn’t run crying down the aisle (I have witnessed that) or hand individual petals to all the guests sitting along the aisle (seen that too), I did walk down the aisle with the most solemn face ever. I guess I figured since this was a serious event, it required my most serious face. I WOULD NOT smile.

But these kids are so adorable, they may have changed my mind on flower girls and ring bearers. I mean, the flower girl is in that white dress AND she has a Band-Aid on her arm. Only a little kid could pull off that look.

If you are absolutely/absolutely not/considering having flower girls and ring bearers in your wedding, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

If you’re all for flower girls in particular, I give you this video: “Wedding Hairstyles for Flower Girls.” Or maybe you prefer animals in your wedding? Because I’ve posted about that too.

Photo by Frank Amodo


  1. I love this pic and I am highly entertained by little kids at weddings; however, we decided not to have kids under the age of 10 attend our wedding. 1. our venue wasn’t really kid friendly and I didn’t want any children to get hurt. 2. We wanted adults to have fun and not to worry about their little kids.

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