Top Pic: Romantic Wedding Decor

pink, red and white wedding flowers

So many weddings these days have a vintage feel or a DIY bent so it’s refreshing to encounter a wedding that’s straight-up romantic and lavish.

And for some reason, I always forget that pink and red go together, but you know what? They do.

Other details that help set the mood:

  • Fantastic lighting — from the chandeliers and recessed lighting above to the votive candles below, and I suspect from other sources we can’t see.
  • The twisting branches in the vase are a creative twist on the submerged flowers I’ve been seeing more of lately.
  • Gold chiavari chairs are nice accent pieces, while the tableware and linens are smartly kept simple.

I have all sorts of posts on romantic wedding decor, such as this one depicting pink and purple decor and this white, silver and pink wedding and another that’s pretty much all white but still modern. So if you like pink andor purple, have at them.

Photo by Jaime Windon

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