Wedding Roundup: September 24

Wedding veil, back of wedding dress

Welcome to my first Wedding Roundup! Here I’ll give you a smattering of what caught my eye in the blogosphere, Twitterland and on Wedding Gawker. And with no further ado:

  • I’m still shocked that my most popular Tweet ever was about the history of wedding veils. (Hence, the above photo.) I guess brides are more interested in history than I realized. (Wedding Aces)
  • I have always had a weird obsession with mazes. Seriously, I’d be thrilled to be left out in a maze of hedges or cornstalks or whatever, which makes no sense because I have an awful sense of direction. Luckily, a printed maze invitation wouldn’t leave me stranded anywhere. (Rock n’ Roll Bride)
  • In my humble opinion, there are so many wedding decor ideas out there and not nearly enough good bridal shower decor ideas floating around. (If I’m wrong, please tell me so and point me in the right direction!)  So I was happy to discover this sweet and spicy themed bridal shower at 100 Layer Cake. And here’s that same shower (but with different pictures) from Paper Hounds, who designed the shower.
  • I never know what to write in a guest book, but maybe I’d know exactly what to say on a guest quilt? Either way, I love this idea from Glamour and Grace.
  • Speaking of crazy cakes, how do you feel about a photo gallery of geeky/awesome/absurd wedding cakes? Have you ever seen a Super Mario or Pac Man wedding cake? (rue the day!)

Photo by Van Buren Photography

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