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Since Jess and Spencer decided on a downtown L.A. wedding at historic Union Station — forthcoming on Halloween weekend —  they opted for the opposite end of the spectrum for their engagement shoot. Namely, Venice Beach.

Luckily, their photographer Rob Greer had shot in Venice before and knew exactly where to go. What resulted is this fun shoot of the happy couple on the colorful Venice boardwalk.

Another result: my desire to steal Jess’ shoes. (Jess: I know where you live. I’d watch my closet if I were you.)

In other news, I’m a fan of these engagement photos that use your city as a backdrop (other examples are here in  “Unique Chicago Locations for Engagement Photos“) and would love to see yours. Send them my way!

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Photos by Rob Greer — find a local photographer here!

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  1. Your photos and blog are just beautiful. As a wedding and portrait photographer in San Jose, I know that it’s challenging photographing outstanding pictures. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog to get some inspiration.

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