Top Pic: Soda Shop Bridal Party

bridal party in soda shop

I’m not normally compelled to order a milkshake in my everyday life, but if I see an old school soda shop, suddenly, I want a milkshake real bad. I never go for normal ole chocolate either. I get peanut butter and banana. Or sometimes pineapple — it sounds kind of weird, but it’s refreshing, and I think you should try it because you might like it better than you expect.


Not only are we in an old timey soda shop here, but the bridesmaids are wearing bubblegum pink! I like too that the bride seems to be assessing the milkshake situation and getting a very clear sense of what she wants to order.

There’s something so wholesome and sweet and gee willikers about the whole thing, it makes me want a pineapple milkshake.

Photo by Kelli Nixon

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