Top Pic: Colorful, Whimsical Decor

festive dessert display

I’ll admit it: I get wedding fatigue. Wedding blogs exist so the bride and grooms can look for ideas to copy, right? As a wedding editor, I see them copied over and over and over again.

So it’s rare that a wedding makes me catch my breath these days. But the one above, which I featured in my latest Wedding Roundup, did. I wanted to be there. And it probably didn’t hurt that the wedding was in Brazil.

The paper cranes look to me as if a swarm of colorful butterflies have descended on the dessert table. Arrangements of flowers of all sorts in bottles of all sorts add to the eclectic feel. A simple wood table perfectly offsets the whole scene.

Can you think of any other place you’d like to be right now other than in Brazil at this dessert table, hanging out with all those paper cranes? I cannot.

A fun aside: The photographers who shot this wedding are also the bride and groom. Congrats, Fernanda and Sharon!

Photo by Fernanda e Sharon Fotografia de Casamento

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