Introducing: Tonia & Scott

Couple at festival

That’s Tonia and Scott above, engaged couple and coworkers of mine.

A brief chat with Tonia in the office kitchen led me to this idea. Tonia told me she didn’t have the necessary time to devote to wedding research. The wheels in my head started turning (slowly), and a couple days later I suggested to Tonia and Scott this: They tell me whatever wedding conundrum they’re currently dealing with. I’ll do my best to find an answer for them and then write about it on my blog.

Thankfully, they agreed! So you’ll get to follow them as they encounter various wedding planning quandaries that may mirror yours.

A little background on these two. Their auspicious beginning started with Scott accidentally scaring Tonia (their first meeting, when he walked so quietly into the room she didn’t know he was there), and later, Tonia insulting his car (an Element, which she called boxy, not realizing that the Element the valet pulled up in was Scott’s). And yet, love prevailed (hooray!), and these two got engaged in July and will be married July 2011 in Top of the Hill’s Great Room, a converted movie theater event space connected to a brewery in Chapel Hill, N.C. There will be mason jars as decor and invitations with fireflies on them and an open bar before the wedding starts! (Of note: The latter is becoming more and more of a trend. It keeps guests from getting antsy and takes the pressure off of starting on time.)

Some conundrums they’re dealing with that I plan to help them tackle with your help:

  • When you get married in a building without an altar, what should serve as the backdrop to the wedding vows?
  • How do you convey appropriate guest attire when you’re having an evening wedding that is neither particularly formal or casual?
  • What are some centerpieces that are elegant and classy without being overly formal?

Stay tuned as we figure out these wedding dilemmas and more!

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