Novel Wedding Idea: A Popcorn Bar!

garrett's popcorn photo

There are all sorts of fun food trends at weddings these days. Late-night snacks have gotten popular — such as passing around hors d’ouevres after dinner when people might be hungry again (after all that dancing) and could use a little sustenance to counteract the alcohol. Sliders are a popular snack option, as are little shots of soup paired with mini grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve heard of sweet items as well, sometimes something as simple as milk and cookies.

Another popular food trend is the candy bar, which is nice because it can double as a wedding favor. I’ve also heard of a milkshake bar, which sounds so cute and retro.

But until recently, I had never heard of a popcorn bar. A friend of mine encountered one at a bar mitzvah, and I thought it would make a great addition to someone’s wedding. The event he attended had premade chile-chocolate popcorn and a chef made the other two flavors throughout the night: a Hawaiian salted flavor and a red, white and blue mixture that had strawberry and blueberry candied popcorn mixed with regular. Guests could scoop up their selected flavors from big bowls and put them in a popcorn bag.

This could also be a cost-effective way to provide both a sweet and savory snack to your guests. You don’t have to have a chef there; you can always buy an array of premade popcorn, like Chicago’s famous Garrett Popcorn, pictured above. Or just rent a popcorn machine and let guests have at it.

If you have creative takes on the late-night snack, please chime in. And for more on creative wedding food options, check out “10 Trends in Wedding Food.”

Photo by Kristen Janes of Kio Kreations

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