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I can’t recall how I ended up on Caroline Joy’s photography website, but I’m glad I did. She has a fantastic section on what to wear for your engagement photo session.

I’ll give you an overview of some of the highlights, though you should check out her original post, which includes images of outfit suggestions:

  • Wear bold clothes.
  • Choose your outfits and lay them out. Then replace one or two things with something crazy. A mess of pearls, a bow tie, yellow heels. We are all usually conservative at first … replacing one or two things with something bold strikes the perfect balance!
  • Color-coordinate outfits without being match-matchy. In other words, make sure you have colors in the same tone as your fiance(e), not necessarily the exact same colors.
  • Bring props!

And I’m going to add two tips of my own:

  • I’ve noticed most women are drawn to black when they’re photographed because it’s slimming. In my experience, it limits your options for background scenery because it can make a photo very contrasty. My advice: Use black sparingly.
  • Select brightly colored earrings or a short necklace to bring your face into focus.

And to round out today’s post, check out our photo gallery, courtesy of Caroline Joy Photography, showcasing some engagement photo outfits. Be sure to check out this post for ideas on engagement photo shots, as well as our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter profiles. And you can find a local photographer here.

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  1. This is really serious wedding stuff!

    That’s the role of a wedding photographer, not just to shoot lots of pictures, but to provide advise as well on how those pictures will turn out great.

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