Top Pic: Romance Is in the Air (and on the Tables)

Valentine's Day wedding reception table

In honor of Valentine’s Day I give you this utterly romantic tabletop. We’ve got pink and red and white roses. We’ve got candles. We’ve even got table numbers with floral-y curlicues. How can you sit at this table and not be in the mood for love?

It’s hard to get more romantic than this. Although, the cake gives the reception tabletops a run for their money.

wedding cake with fresh red and pink roses

That’s one well-lit cake, no?

I’m going to confess: I’ve used this red and pink wedding as a Top Pic before. It’s so pretty (and Valentine’s Day appropriate), that I figured you wouldn’t mind seeing the detail shots featured today.  I’m right, right?

Photos by Jaime Windon

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