Photo Gallery: Down Wedding Hairstyles

One bride-to-be told me that she lost hours to searching for wedding hairstyles. She hadn’t intended to devote a good chunk of her day to the task; it just happened.

It wasn’t a huge surprise to hear that because two of our most viewed wedding videos are “Formal Bridal Hairstyles” and “Casual Bridal Hairstyles.” Clearly, ladies are on the hunt for wedding hairdos.

So, I thought a photo gallery of hairstyles might be appreciated. Above, find a selection of real bride’s down-dos. None of these were intended to be hair-centric photos, so you may not be able to see details quite like you want, but at least you get a sense of it.

And for you girls more interested in updos, do not fret — a photo gallery is on its way!

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Photos by Jeremy Lawson, Michael Graham Photography, Van Buren Photography, Frank Amodo, Devin Whetstone, Kristel Wyman, Allbrightz Shots, Jen Huang, Christine Olson & Renai Photography

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