Wedding Trade-Offs

Should you pay for a wedding videographer?

Generally, you can’t have everything when it comes to planning weddings. It’s a bummer. That means each couple has to make decisions about what’s most important to them. If you put more money than anticipated toward one thing, which area do you take money away from? For example, a more expensive venue may mean a less expensive menu.

Featured couple Tonia and Scott told me they recently dealt with what they called wedding trade-offs. They knew some wedding elements were important to them from the start, but there were others they ended up caring about more than anticipated. Here are some of the issues they’ve grappled with:

  • The quality of the invitations — Tonia and Scott saw invitations they loved online, but when they had a sample sent to them, the quality of the paper looked unexpectedly cheap. They had to determine whether to stick with the original plan or go up a level on invitations, which cost considerably more.
  • Should they send rehearsal dinner invitations or use Evite?
  • Invite the entire local extended family to the rehearsal dinner?
  • Opt for better items in the gift bags and not have wedding favors, or wedding favors with less pricey gift bags?
  • Pay for a videographer, or have a friend record the event?

Some of their decisions include: Going with the fancier wedding invitations, and nixing the wedding favors but putting more money into welcome bags.

What trade-offs are you grappling with?

Photo by Kristel Wyman

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