Wedding Roundup: May 12

vintage napkins for a wedding

  • If you’re into the vintage floral look, Intimate Weddings has you covered. They’ve hunted down vintage floral napkins like the ones above and some pretty awesome neckties made from bedsheets.
  • Here’s a wedding dress history timeline, from the 1900s to the present, that shows you the styles of the time, with an emphasis on royals and celebrities. (Wedding Dresses)
  • The Bride Suite has a lovely montage of alternative altars that includes a pinwheel and steamer altar. (For more ideas, check out our alternative altar photo gallery.)
  • How often do you see a completely brand-new amazing wedding hairdo? Not that often. This side French braid winds around the back of the head and is so original and lovely.  (The SoHo)
  • Also original? These wedding invites, save-the-dates and wedding maps. Among them: origami wedding invitations and handkerchief wedding maps. (Swoon!)
  • Get that bridal shower/rehearsal dinner/bridesmaid/wedding guest dress you need by winning a LuLu’s dress in Glamour and Grace’s giveaway.
  • Speaking of dresses, if you have an only-worn-once bridesmaid dress taking up space in your closet, send it to NewlyMaid. They either donate the dress to charity or break it down and use the yarn for a new dress. In return, you get a deep discount toward one of their little black dresses. (InStyle)
  • Postcards and Prettie’s highlights a charming folksy country engagement party. The theme — “something I can’t live without” — would be good for a bridal shower that wasn’t registry-focused too.

Photo by Jennifer West Photography via Gaia

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