I Call It: French Macaroon Towers

pink and blue macaroon tower

When I first saw a macaroon tower two years ago, like these from Bottega Louie (taken with my cell phone, so please excuse the picture quality), the caterer told me she attached the macaroons to a Styrofoam cone with hot glue. While I loved the effect, I couldn’t help but think, You can’t eat them? What a waste of good macaroons.

But lately I’ve heard about people using toothpicks, royal icing or melted chocolate to attach the macaroons to the cones. And that sounds like a much better use of macaroons to me. They should definitely end up in our stomachs, not in the garbage. And I suspect now that these towers are doubling as both food and centerpieces, they’re going to hit the wedding circuit in a big way.

Some other thoughts on French macaroon towers:

  • Most Styrofoam cones are white, but those used by Bottega Louie are in different colors. It gives the centerpieces a sleeker look.
  • A French macaroon tower would be an especially nice centerpiece for a bridal shower, especially a tea.
  • If you opt for a non-glue/edible tower centerpiece, remember that it will look a lot better at the beginning of the event than it will at the end. One person posted on this blog that often candy buffet decor can end up being empty jar decor by the end of an event. Same thing applies here — just something to consider if it matters to you.
  • Dulce de leche French macaroons are my favorite.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about French macaroon towers.

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