Photo Gallery: Sara and Jordan

This August wedding of Sara and Jordan at the Hilton Baptist Church in Newport News, Va.’s historical Hilton Village has an extra-sweet story. They met because they were both wearing Toms shoes, a brand that donates shoes to a child in need for each pair purchased. The shoes served as an icebreaker and ended up being a major component to their wedding. Here’s their story from Sara:

We met because we were wearing Toms, so we decided to have everyone wear them in our wedding. We both had many pairs and have been supporting their cause since the beginning. Jordan’s mom sent [Toms] an email telling them our story, and they wanted to use us as their Valentine’s Day ad campaign. They used our engagement pictures, where we were both wearing Toms, and they had a spot where other people could comment and tell their Toms love story. They ended up giving us all of the shoes for the bridal party. It was really cool to see so many of our guests show up in Toms to the wedding. Even older people who didn’t know what they were prior to our wedding invite ordered them to wear to the wedding. It was really awesome to know that so many kids got shoes because of our wedding!

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Photos by Chelsea Diane Photography

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  1. I live in Newport News, VA! I hope I see this lovely couple around town sometime so I can tell them how fabulous I think they are. I love TOMS and I love this wedding!

    PS: I have those same silver glitters!

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