Super-Interesting Wedding Cost Infograph

wedding cost infographWhat do you think of this infograph on average wedding costs? I found it fascinating and was surprised to see that engagement rings were closer to the cost of catering than I expected, while the average cost of wedding gowns was  lower than I anticipated. Maybe I’ve been watching too many “Say Yes To the Dress” episodes.

Any surprises for you? Does this infograph match your wedding planning experience and other weddings you’ve gone to?

Many thanks to Credit Sesame for creating this!

If you have money on the brain, check out “Hidden Costs of a Chicago Wedding” whether or not you live in Chicago. Many of the hidden costs apply to any region.


  1. Wedding loans? Seriously!? You should NEVER go into debt for a wedding. A wedding can happen on ANY budget. If you’re wanting more than you can afford and refuse to compromise why not save for it?

  2. I have been a wedding planner for nine years now and have planned weddings for more than 160 couples. I feel this survey has forgotten a few key areas: decor (linens, lighting and fabricing from ceilings and/or wall), wedding planner (10% of budget typically), minister (unless you lumped that into ceremony site, which may or may not always include that), wedding bands, bridal party gifts, alterations (unless you lumped this in with dress), and hotel accommodations for the wedding night. However, I think the breakdown of the actual amount people are spending in each area is pretty accurate. I’ve seen some websites that budget too much for cake and not enough for photography. I’d say about 20% of brides tend get a band, so perhaps that $3k you allocated for a band would include some of the missing areas above.

    Great insight & info though! I’ll be posting this to my twitter account.
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