Top Pic: Pretty As a Picture

red and gold indian wedding dressTalk about a beautiful bride.

I love the look she’s giving the groom below too.

indian bride & groom in traditional garb

And her bridesmaids look great in their different saris. Also, the yellow and gold centerpieces were spectacular.

I went to an Indian wedding last year. While there, what passed through my head was this: This is how you throw a party. Guests were asked to wear their most colorful attire and there was lots of singing and dancing.

The best word to describe it: Joyous.

Photo by Joe Photo

Curious about the bride’s sari and accessories? Read “What Is the Meaning of Indian Bridal Wear?

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  1. The color is so radiant and very captivating! It’s picture perfect! I can only imagine how great is the culture of India.

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