Adorable Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas

creative cake push up ideas

I keep running across bridal shower food ideas that I feel compelled to share, like these DIY cake push-ups above. Remember the orange sherbet Push-Ups you had as a child? (Btw, why did they only come in one flavor for so long?) This is the same idea, only with cake! And mousse! And frosting!

The idea comes from the creative cake blogger Melissa at My Cake School. Hop on over to her blog to get the lowdown on how to make cake push-ups yourself. It’s easier than you think.

I like her idea of a cupcakes decorated to look like giant ice cream cones as well.

ice cream cone cupcakes

Wouldn’t that be fun for a summer bridal shower? And much less messy than serving ice cream.

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Photos courtesy My Cake School


  1. This looks very tasty. Guests will love it at my bridal shower party. I’m planning a party and I’ll do it as an inspiration in doing my own dessert.

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