Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will LOVE

A bride-to-be asks: How much should you spend on gifts for your bridal party or family/folks who are giving you money for the wedding?

First off, there isn’t a steadfast rule about how much to spend on your bridal party. Peggy Post states in Wedding Etiquette that bridesmaid gifts “need not be expensive” and suggests picture frames or engagement books as gift ideas. (Does anyone know what she means by engagement books? Does she mean a planner?) The Knot, on the other hand, suggests you spend between $75 and $150.

I’m not wild about either bits of advice. Post’s gift suggestion seems a little too generic to be thoughtful, and The Knot’s range sounds like it’s on the high end. Just asking around, I have found that most bridal party presents fall into the $40-$150 range per gift. But I’ve heard of both lower and higher than this as well.

One point The Knot makes that I very much agree with: You should consider how much your bridesmaids are spending to be a part of your wedding when you select a gift for them. If the bridesmaids have to fly to your destination wedding at the height of the wedding season when flights and hotels are expensive, then you probably should get them a nice gift that recognizes that. But if you’re having a budget wedding and the bridesmaids haven’t spent a ton of money to be a part of it — maybe you allowed them to choose their own bridesmaid dresses and they didn’t have to fly anywhere to participate — then opting for something less expensive is totally acceptable.

To help you with this, I’ve included links below and photos above to some pretty awesome bridesmaid gifts that suit all sorts of budgets. Many of the vendors are open to customization and special pricing for bulk orders as well!

Under $30

Makeup cases become downright charming when AE Wilder adds your bridesmaids’ names and vintage buttons. Order the cases separately for $28 or $100 for a set of four. If you want the gift to feel more substantial, pick out a nail polish and lip gloss that suit each bridesmaid and place them in her makeup case before presenting the gift.

Under $40

These silver twig branch lariat necklaces from Tyra Handmade Jewelry are stylish and extra-sweet when you pick a stone to suit each bridesmaid. You can opt for her birthstone or her favorite color.

Under $50

Who doesn’t love an adorable clutch? Creations By Angel makes fabric clutches in everything from coral polka-dots to gray and white IKEA fabric. She has plenty of fabric choices, so be sure to click around and look at the options. She also makes them in more bridesmaids-y solid satin colors.

Under $75

What’s extra-fantastic about hollow book safes by green R studio is that you can place a custom order to create a book safe out of each bridesmaid’s favorite book. If you want to keep things super-simple, you can order these for the groomsmen too. You can even spend a little more for a book that comes with a hidden flask!

Under $100

Pashminas may be a traditional bridesmaid gift but a wrap in trendy ombre elevates the gift to another level. (Of note: Wraps come in a variety of colors and fabrics and can be found to suit a variety of budgets.)

Under $150

I’ll admit it: a gift certificate to a spa local to each bridesmaid may seem random to put in the under $150 category. Naturally, this gift can be any price you want it to be. But if you’re giving a spa gift certificate as a bridesmaid gift, I think it’s a nice gesture to put it in a range that’s well beyond what someone would normally spend on themselves at a spa.  And if you set it too low, your bridesmaids may take it as a hint to do their nails for your wedding. And wouldn’t it be so much nicer if they saw it as something just for themselves?

Under $200

Receiving a Tiffany box is nearly as exciting as the gift itself. So your bridesmaids will doubly love you when they open these silver round pendant necklaces in a Tiffany box. (Of note: Initial necklaces are very popular these days and make a fantastic gift. If this particular one is out of your price range, it shouldn’t be hard to find another type that fits the bill.)

Feel free to share bridesmaids gifts you’ve given or received (here’s my personal favorite bridesmaid gift), and for more on the topic check out our video “Choosing Gifts for Your Bridesmaids” by a professional wedding planner!

Be sure to come back tomorrow, when we tackle the second part of the bride-to-be’s question: gifts for the family and those who contribute to the wedding!

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  1. What should you do when your friend of 20 plus years gives you as a bridesmaid gift, a piece of fake Tiffany jewelry in the bag, box and all? Do I say something? I am very insulted and disappointed in her.

  2. Thanks, Leigh! And Melanie — no, I wouldn’t say anything to her. A gift is still a gift, even if you don’t like the item. An actual item from Tiffany’s would have been especially generous, and, I suspect, out of many people’s budgets. But fake Tiffany items cost something too — some of those items might be more than the gift ideas listed here. Who knows, maybe your friend that she was buying the real thing? Give her the benefit of the doubt and let it go. A 20-year-old friendship is worth more than anything you can find at Tiffany’s.

  3. Thanks for responding!! You are right about the friendship part. I think that is why I was so insulted and disappointed. We have been close friends for so long. We have been through so many highs and lows of life together.

    I don’t want to sound greedy, it wasn’t all about how much she spent. It is more that she tried to pass them off as real with box, bag and all.
    I guess it was also about comments she made about what other guests gave or didn’t give for their wedding gifts.

    Sometimes I think people get way too caught up in the material things of a wedding instead of what it is really about.
    At my wedding I didn’t care what gifts my guest gave. If you were invited it was because I wanted you there to help us celebrate a joyous occasion. Not because I wanted an elaborate monetary gift.

  4. Well-said, Melanie, and happy to help! Your initial frustration is totally understandable — nobody likes it when a fake item is passed off as the real thing.

    I too tend to look at things as symbols and have to remind myself to look at the bigger picture.

    I think your current outlook will serve you well!

  5. I only had three Bridesmaids in my wedding party, and so I did spend more than the average on gifts for them. I got each of them a Pandora gift set that reflected the personality of each of them. Since they all wore the same color, I felt that with each of them getting a uniquely personal gift, that they will each feel individually special on my day as well…even if they had to wear the same outfit.

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