Top Pic: 10 Reasons This Decor Works

tulip chandelier

This tabletop from Bold American Catering is impressive. Let’s count the ways:

  1. Tulips serve as a chandelier of sorts! And they’re upside down! And hanging from moss!
  2. Hanging glass bulbs look like whimsical bubbles and fill the space between the table and the chandelier.
  3. There are no centerpieces, but there’s enough going on so we don’t miss them.
  4. The plates and some of the goblets are shiny, black and chic.
  5. Clear wine glasses are mixed in to lighten the look.
  6. Black candelabras give the setting a slightly goth vibe, but in a hip, pleasant way. The modernness of many of the elements keeps the setting from feeling dour.
  7. Graphic print napkins jazz up the scene and are smartly paired with a nonprint linen to keep the table from looking too busy.
  8. Black chiavari chairs add just the right simple-but-elegant touch.
  9. The exposed brick wall really adds to the ambiance.
  10. Check out that lighting — yellow uplighting and pale blue from above!

Here, look at the closeup:

glass bubbles as wedding decor

And I bet it’s even more stunning in person.

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Photo courtesy Bold American Catering

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  1. Sure it will work for a real wedding…this was a real wedding! and, the table top was a mirror so the guests sitting at the table could acutally see the tulip blooms all evening!

  2. Thanks for giving us more details about your event, Steve. And Reeney, while this is feasible for a real wedding, I’d definitely get a wedding pro to help with this sort of decor!

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