Top Pics: Flowers in a Teapot

teacup and tall teapots as vases

I have a plain white teapot that I put flowers in sometimes when I’m entertaining, but this display takes it to the next level with mismatched teacups and an old-fashioned water pitcher. It reminds me of an old-school tea shop but less prim and fussy. With the various flowers and patterned “vases,” this couple wisely opted for plain linen and tableware,  so the effect is dainty, clean and charming.

teapot as a vaseFor more on this topic, check out our Unusual Centerpieces Photo Gallery and About Summer Wedding Flowers.

Photos by Kristel Wyman


  1. This is my FAVORITE look! Okay, I’m partial to it, because that’s what we had at our wedding. But I think it’s just amazingly beautiful to have all sorts of mismatched beautiful china with flowers just spilling out!!!

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