Popping Questions: Do You Believe in Wedding Reciprocation?

how to select bridesmaids

I was chatting with a friend a couple days ago (not pictured), and she told me that one of the biggest challenges she faced with her recent wedding was whether she “owed” someone an invitation to her wedding and, in some cases, an invitation to be her bridesmaid.

She considered herself an older bride and had attended many, many, many weddings over the years. Some of the relationships hadn’t withstood the test of time. Not that there was a falling out — there just wasn’t much interaction anymore. Add to that, her wedding was held at a small venue, so she didn’t have a lot of space to spare.

I imagine many brides and grooms grapple with this issue. How do you handle it? Vote in our two polls below or tell us in the comments! (Poll ends Wednesday, the 20th, at midnight.)

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