Top Pic: Adorable, Affordable Escort “Cards”

DIY budget escort cards

Picture this: You’re practical but you like cute things. You can’t imagine spending much money on escort cards (those things that tell guests what table they’re sitting at), but you would still like something that’s a step up from a folded sheet of paper. The above may be your solution.

Think about it: Hershey Kisses are cheap. Toothpicks are cheap. Paper is cheap (though it can have its outrageous moments). Also, people LOVE Hershey Kisses. I suspect half will pop theirs in their mouths as soon as they sit at their table.

And as far as DIY projects go, this one is pretty easy. Just stick a toothpick in the Hershey Kisses of your choice (also see whether you can find some that go with your color scheme). However, I’d recommend avoiding the Kisses with nuts, in case you have some guests with nut allergies. You can paste the table number to one side of a circle of fancy paper and the guest’s name on the other side, like above, and attach that to the toothpick. Or simply find some fun DIY sticker templates online and create something.


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Photo by Frank Amodo


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