Wise Wedding Choices

passing around champagne

Last we heard from Tonia and Scott they were about to get married and there were a few things going into the home stretch that they had wished they’d done differently. Now they’re married (CONGRATULATIONS, TONIA & SCOTT!), the wedding went wonderfully, and they’ve reported back on what they would keep exactly the same.

  • The two decided to serve champagne and wine before the wedding ceremony and felt it was a great way to start off the celebration.  “It worked well because folks had to walk two blocks in the heat to the venue, so they had a drink waiting on them,” Tonia tells us. “It also got people mingling and relaxing before the ceremony.”
  • Tonia bought a second dress for the reception but left the tags on because she wasn’t absolutely sure she wanted to use it. However, while dancing her long ceremony gown became hot and uncomfortable and the bustle came undone. So she changed into her knee-length, just-in-case, champagne-colored dress and was so much more comfortable navigating the reception thereafter.
  • Tonia brought a change of shoes — and her feet thanked her later. They were Naturalizers with a bit of lift. Nothing fancy, but they allowed her to dance in comfort till 1:30 a.m.
  • The couple had planned to serve a midnight snack but nixed it at the last moment. They decided it would come too quickly on the heels of the cupcakes and people likely wouldn’t be hungry. Also, they preferred to keep the momentum of the dancing going rather than have another interruption.
  • The reception was hopping around the time it was supposed to end. So Tonia and Scott decided to pay the DJ to stay 30 minutes longer. In the end, they felt it was a small price to pay for everyone having a fantastic time on one of the biggest occasions of their lives.
  • After the couple had their wedding in North Carolina, they returned to their home in Venice, Calif. Their honeymoon took place a week after the wedding — in fact, they’re on it now! Instead of preparing for both the wedding and honeymoon all at once, they got some breathing room between the two and a chance to look forward to both events separately.

We’re so happy for the newly married couple and hope they have a spectacular time on their honeymoon!

Photo by John Partridge Photography


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