Why It’s OK if Things Don’t Go According to Plan

wedding bluegrass trioI don’t know about you, but I have pretty vivid pictures in my head when I plan things. I have to remind myself: No one else can see those pictures, so if reality doesn’t match them, no one knows. Two friends made me think of this when they told me stories from their weddings where events didn’t unfold as expected. What they learned: Going with it was better.

From one:

“I wish I let the band member who learned our song sing it rather than bugging out because the whole band hadn’t learned it, and using a recording. When he finally did get to sing it around midnight, it was awesome.”

And Scott of our featured couple (photos from their wedding coming soon — I promise!) had a somewhat similar experience:

He had written a song for a bluegrass trio to play when Tonia walked down the aisle. When I asked him how it turned out, he said it was different than he expected. I asked if that was a bad thing, and he said, “I guess I mean it was better.” He had written a slow song, but the trio “changed the feel of the tune and made it a little more upbeat, which suited the mood better.”

So keep in mind, things may go differently than planned, but they can still be fantastic.

If you’ve experienced or witnessed a wedding event that didn’t go as planned, please share! And if you’re still a planner at heart, check out our wedding checklist.


  1. My wedding is coming up quickly, September 30th to be exact, and I went for a budget friendly ‘appetizer only’ reception (we decided our cocktails would be in the lime light anyway). We chose a personally owned catering company I came across online. Long story short, our caterer that I booked in February wouldn’t return our emails or phone calls & we desperately need to talk with her about details as well as getting a price list for table linens she promised we could rent. After four weeks of no communication on her end my finace left a message stating we would take further action if she didn’t get with us soon and we were worried, since we never met her, that she could be scamming us. She finally answered our next call and has been incredibly rude and is refusing to do a tasting with us as well as set up the dining area. She stated we were treating her terribly and she will simply show up the day of the wedding with plates of food & leave a.s.a.p. Unfortunately, that is all she is contracted to do even tho she has written many emails stating she would beautifully decorate the area to match our vintage theme. We have paid in full & cannot get a refund and are between a rock and a hard place. Sorry for the long post but I really want to get the word out there and hope this saves someone else from disaster.

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