How to Honor a Deceased Parent at Your Wedding

honoring a deceased parent

One reader asked how to include her deceased father in her wedding ceremony. My response:

What a friend of mine did that I thought was very touching was she had a bouquet of all white flowers and included one red rose to represent her father. When she walked to the front of the aisle, she removed that rose from the bouquet and handed it to her mother.  Of course, you could do this with any color flower, but I think it makes sense that it’s noticeably different from the other flowers.

It’s also common to mention those who are no longer with us, such as parents or grandparents, in the wedding program — you can even include a little poem or quote in honor of them as well.  If you have a flower to represent your father in your bouquet, you could make note of that in the program too.

In fact, I think a note in the program and/or a symbol, such as the flower, are one of the best ways to honor a deceased parent at your wedding. A speech could change the tenor of the event or could upset you more than you would expect on a day that’s already emotional. However, if you would like to say something, short and sweet is best.

Other suggestions are welcome.


  1. How touching and very respectful to note the significance of the red rose for someone dear to your heart.

  2. Thanks, Emma, Owen & Ann — my friend came up with the idea last minute, the day before her wedding. She walked down the aisle by herself, and she and her mother thought that rose was a great way to symbolize that her father was still with them both in their hearts.

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