Top Pic: Green on Green on Green

modern green and white wedding table setting

It used to be a bride would pick her colors — let’s say sage and a buttery yellow — and those were pretty much the only colors you would see. Pre-wedding, she might be asked just as much about her colors as she would her dress. But that seems to be changing.

You could say the colors of the decor above are simply green and white. But look at how many greens! Leaf green, Kelly green, lime green, blue-green, yellow-green — it’s not something we would have seen five years ago, but it’s so vibrant and fun. It’s kind of the tabletop equivalent to this photo with bridesmaids in dresses in all shade of green.

The other decor was wisely kept simple: square plates, a white wooden table, white napkins, and clear glassware and vases. Even the arrangements are simple: single spider mums in some vases and broad green leaves in others.

Notice the menu: It would be easy and cost-effective to replicate yourself. Buy a bunch of frames, place the menus in them and the guests can take the frames home as a favor.

If a green wedding means “eco-friendly” to you, check out “Advantages of a Green Wedding.”

Photo courtesy Bold American Catering

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