Problem Solved: Steps for Changing Your Name

how to change your name

One reader asks: What are all the legal steps and how do you go about getting your name changed? Is there a list of other stuff that has to change, like your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, etc.?

I was going to launch into how to go about this when I realized we have a thorough article on “How To Change Your Surname When You Get Married” on our weddings site. Read it — it’s helpful!

One thing to be aware of, especially if your honeymoon isn’t taking place right after the wedding: Make sure your name lines up on all the documents required to travel. For example, your driver’s license needs to match the name that any plane ticket was booked under. And your passport better not be out of sync either. And if that isn’t feasible (though I strongly advise you to make that happen), then bring an official document that indicates your name has been changed.

And while we’re on the subject — let’s do a poll on changing your name.

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As always, comments are welcome — feel free to tell us name-changing horror stories or simply why you will or won’t change your name. Poll closes on Thursday, Oct. 6.

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