Top Pic: A Truly Gorgeous Bouquet

cream, burgundy and gold bouquet

There’s something about this bouquet that seems downright old-fashioned to me and I’m not sure why. The mix of flowers are fairly modern with billy balls, cymbidium orchids and berries. I think it’s the color scheme of the bouquet — cream, burgundy, gold and peach — next to the lace and black sash of the wedding dress that gives it that back-in-time look. And it looks like there’s some pretty impressive photography hocus-pocus going on as well.

This photo is going straight on my Centerpiece & Color Palate Ideas Pinterest board.

What do you think: Does it look old-fashioned to you? Does  anyone love it as much as I do?

And if this isn’t your style, here’s a little video on how to customize your bouquet.

Photo by Kristel Wyman

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