I Call It: Photo Strip Guest Books & Frames

photo booth photo strip guest book

With the popularity of photo booths at weddings, I’ve been waiting to see guest books that feature photo strips, and yet, I hadn’t seen a single one until recently. Why isn’t this wildly popular? It’s as easy as placing glue sticks beside your guest book with a little sign instructing guests to adhere their photos and leave a note.

Our featured couple did something similar when they bought a package that included a Fuji instant camera and a guest book with slots for inserting the Polaroid-esque images.

Then today I came across a hybrid of my vision and what our featured couple had at their wedding: a photo strip guest book, made at the wedding by The Original Traveling Photo Booth Company. It’s a clever addition to a photo booth rental and a sure way to liven up your guest book.

Also, I love their idea of photo strip frames as a wedding favor. Cute, no?

photo booth photo strip frames

I think it’s time to start a trend….

Photos via The Original Traveling Photo Booth Company


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