Top Pic: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss

creative bride and groom kissing shot

I’ve seen a lot of photos of brides and grooms kissing. They look a lot alike after awhile. This one looks nothing like what I typically see.

It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to feel uncomfortable when kissing for the camera, which makes perfect sense. If you don’t regularly make a display of your affection, it feels weird to not only display it, but also have it photographed.

But these two look like they’re having their own little moment and the photographer just happened to be there. The veil became an unusual, gauzy framing device and the late afternoon light is just gorgeous.

Don’t you agree?

Photo by 5 Rings Photo


  1. A documented kiss will always be a remarkable kiss. Up to date, I still have this question in mind as to when does a kiss become sacred? Is there a specific place and or time to execute a sacred kiss? Just wondering…

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