Top Pic: Super-Cute Pumpkin Escort Cards

creative fall wedding escort cards

I was so happy when I came across this image on Heather Parker Photography. It’s Halloween-appropriate — and it features my latest obsession: tiny white pumpkins.

It’s so visual, yet so simple. It reminds me of the Hershey Kiss “escort cards” I’ve featured previously.

Here’s all you need to do: Get little white pumpkins — or any color pumpkins you want, for that matter. You can even spray-paint them to match your color scheme or cover them in glitter, which is my other recent obsession. (My obsessions are very seasonal.)

Next, cut a small slit in the stem and place in the slit a decorative piece of paper with a guest’s name and table number on it.

And there you have it: really cute, really easy, autumn escort cards.

You can check out the real wedding where these escort cards appeared at Middle of the Map Weddings.

Photo by Heather Parker Photography


  1. Hi Jennifer — I bought a white pumpkin at a pumpkin patch once. And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve also seen them at Whole Foods in the fall. Another option: I’ve seen pumpkins spray-painted metallic, which looked cool. You could try spray-painting them white if real white pumpkins — also called ghost pumpkins — are hard to find in your area. Good luck!

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