I Call It: Mini Salted Caramel Apple Wedding Snacks

assorted mini caramel apples

Let’s say you’re at a wedding reception. You’ve been dancing for awhile. The food and the cake were consumed long ago. You want something a little sweet, but nothing uber-sweet and sugary. Or maybe something kind of healthy, but not uber-healthy. Now that you think of it, something salty might hit the spot. And then a server walks by with a tray full of mini salted caramel apples. How psyched would you be?

Or am I alone here?

Indeed, I LOVE salted caramel, and I have a hard time resisting caramel apples. Why I’ve never encountered a salted caramel apple before confounds me. But I anticipate it’s going to happen soon.

Now, caramel apples may not seem the most logical food selection for a wedding, probably because they’re really, really messy. But today I came across mini caramel apples made with baby Granny Smiths that were roughly the size of crab apples. You can also use a melon baller to create the appearance of small apples, like in the photo above.

My first thought upon seeing them: I have to have one. Second thought: This would make a great snack food at a wedding!

I’ll admit it: I got a little caramel on my face while eating one. Eating a mini caramel apple isn’t nearly the production of eating a normal one, but it can get a little messy. Nothing a napkin can’t clean up, though.

Another option that would be really visual, cute and less messy is to slice apples and serve them alongside individual servings of caramel or dulce de leche sprinkled with sea salt.

What guest wouldn’t love to see that a few hours after dinner?

Photo by Christaface on Flickr

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  1. You can get mini Granny Smiths at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I’m not sure how easy or hard they are to get elsewhere. You can also use large apples and use a melon baller to make them look smaller, but, obviously, that’s going to be a more time-consuming process.

    Good luck!

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