Top Pic: Peeking In

flower girls making mischief

The first wedding I ever attended was as a flower girl, so when I think of weddings (and I think of them frequently — I am a wedding blogger after all), that first experience is still mixed in with my thoughts.

I remember the Catholic church and ceremony were very grand. I felt like I was participating in a very serious adult occasion, so I wore my most serious expression walking down the aisle (unlike these two). To me, smiling seemed inappropriate. I was teased for it later.

But the reception was pure fun. I danced with my just-married uncle, and we did a manic shuffle step around the perimeter of the dance floor. It was pretty much the most fun I had had in my life at that point.

I say all this because this photo captures something that reminds me of that first experience. There’s the bride and groom who look so glamorous — here they’re sharing a kiss. But then there are the flower girls who feel like they’re peeking in on this adult world and having a blast while doing it.

How lovely to find a photo that captures all of that.

Photo by Emin Kuliyev Photography

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