An Affordable Champagne Alternative

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I’m going to let you in on a secret: Most people can’t tell the difference between champagne and the lesser-known-but-just-as-fizzy Spanish cava and Italian prosecco. The last two are generally cheaper and often more pleasing to palates unaccustomed to champagne. Serving cava or prosecco is an easy way to save a little money.

Granted, I’ve talked about the virtues of cava and prosecco before, but today I’m going to give you a recommendation.

IL prosecco wines

IL Prosecco! It’s fruity, fabulous, and at the time of writing this, it’s being sold for less than $10 at BevMo! Buy a case! Wine producer Mionetto has other options as well. There’s the sweeter moscato and the sparkling red lambrusco — both tasty, fun options in their own right.

In the interest of saving even more money, consider making your prosecco (or whatever you choose) perform double-duty by including it in a signature drink, as opposed to having a full bar. It’s a nice way to offer something special in addition to (sparkling or non) wine and beer, but it’s not nearly as expensive as stocking a full bar.

Below are two cocktail suggestions from IL Prosecco that make good use of their products. And if you have other champagne/prosecco/cava cocktails, please tell us about them!

¼ oz  Peach Schnapps
¾ oz  Apple Schnapps
5 oz  Mionetto Prosecco, chilled

Combine ingredients in a fluted glass. Garnish with an apple wedge on the rim.

10 Fresh Mint Leaves
2 oz  Gin
1 oz  Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz  Simple Syrup
1 ½ oz  Mionetto Prosecco, chilled

Shake the first four ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with Mionetto Prosecco.

If you’re  wondering just how much champagne to buy, we can help you with that, plus here are some tips on a timeline for your toasts. For all your wedding beverage needs, you can find local suppliers here.

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