I Call It: White Dresses for Other Wedding Events

Have you seen white dresses popping up as the bride’s color of choice at pre- and post-wedding events as I have? I like it. I first noticed it at a bridal shower. I’ve also seen it a couple of times since at rehearsal dinners. It’s even made an appearance at the day-after brunch.

It makes sense to me on a practical level because everyone at these parties is there to honor the bride and the groom. If the bride is always in signature white, it makes her easy to spot.

Not to say you have to go out and buy white for every single event you attend, but it might be nice to feel a little bridal pre-wedding and wear a kicky white number, no?

To help, I’ve created a gallery of 10 white dresses I’ve spotted. They’re varying degrees of dressiness with varying price points — from $27.99 to $525. You should find one that suits everything from a dressy engagement party to a casual bridal shower. A few would even make fun reception dresses.

If you’re interested in them, follow the links in order of their appearance in the photo gallery: 1. The Mad Hatter 2. Paul & Joe Sister Sleeveless Floral Lace Sheath Dress 3. Principessa dress in lace and organza 4. Silk Petal Dress 5. Mossimo Women’s Shirred Dress 6. Stella Lace Dress  7. Coquille Dress 8. Crème Fraiche Dress  9. Erin Tonal Animal-Print Dress 10. Laundry by Design Beaded Waist Bloused Chiffon Dress.

If want to bypass wedding event dresses and go straight to wedding day dresses, check out dress shops local to you. And click through to check out a photo gallery of unusual wedding dresses with varying price points.

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