Group Trash-the-Suit Shoot

I’ve seen trash-the-dress shoots. I’ve even seen a group trash-the-dress shoot. But this is the first trash-the-suit shoot I’ve seen.

This paintball photo session was organized by the Australia-based Buck Show in conjunction with SaySo Weddings, who put together the group trash-the-dress session we ran here before.

When I first saw this, I thought to myself: What an interesting new idea! It’s always fun to see boys get in on the fun. (There’s some fun groom shots here in our best photos of 2010, though they’re far less messy.) But then I begin to wonder if it will really take off.  Part of the appeal of trashing the wedding dress is it’s rare that a bride finds an occasion to wear her dress again. But suits don’t have such limitations. They’re handy to have, in fact.

So I was happy when Kelly Hody of SaySo Weddings told me they bought cheap suits for the boys, so they wouldn’t ruin their nice ones from the wedding.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do this as a couple too? I predict we’re going to start seeing more suits bought at the Salvation Army followed by trash-the-outfit sessions with the bride and groom together. Or if you don’t want to totally trash your outfits, you can take the gentler route this couple did.

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All photos by Hody Images, except where Ashkate Studios is indicated.

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