A Smart Approach to Pinterest & Your Photographer

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When I first saw Pinterest, it struck me as such a fantastic way for a bride to communicate what she’s looking for to her wedding planner or a great way to get feedback from bridesmaids and family.

But one wedding photographer took it a step further than I did — it’s a great idea worth sharing. LiveView Studios creates pinboards dedicated to each client. There, both LiveView and that client pin images they want to try for the wedding day, engagement session or whatever.

It reminds me of how my brother, in those pre-Pinterest days, once emailed this image to his photographer. He wanted to explain that he’d love to have some shots of “in-between” moments during the wedding, when people are perhaps getting ready for a posed shot but aren’t quite posed. A Pinterest board would have made that conversation so much easier.

Even if your photographer doesn’t set up client boards like LiveView does, you can set up your own board and email it to your photographer. Consider pinning images where you like the light or shots of details that are important to you or a great posed shot you want to try. You can also do a touching candid photo or a hair shot, like the one above, because you’re going to sit there for long time getting your hair done and the final results should be recorded! Pin whatever makes sense to you (and here’s a checklist of must-have wedding shots and my own Pinboard of striking wedding images), but most important, share that board with your photographer!

And to find local wedding photographers, you can start here.

Photo by LiveView Studios

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