Top Pic: A Gorgeous Closeup

wedding day close upsToday we’re featuring a photo from one of our favorite photographers: Ashlee Rene Photography, who was the eye behind the fun shots at Nichole & Jordan’s wedding.

When I saw this striking photo as Ashlee’s Facebook profile photo, I asked her immediately if I could feature it. Happily, Ashlee agreed. Here’s what she told me about the photo:

“I loved the dramatic lighting in this photo. ┬áIt was taken at [the bride’s] home in Long Beach, Calif., while she was getting ready, and you may have guessed, while she was putting on her perfume. The room was fairly dark except for some window light coming in from the side. This is what gives this photo its drama. Well, that and an amazingly gorgeous bride. This was not cropped, rather cropped as shot. I love the feeling a photo takes on when I zoom in really tight.”

As a side note, Ashlee is hosting a giveaway where she will retouch and provide an 11 by 14 canvas wrap of a photo of your choice. How nice would it be to have such a large, awesome print of your favorite image?

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Photo by Ashlee Rene Photography

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