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I remember the first time I went to a wedding and was given a wedding favor. My reaction was: You paid for my dinner and provided a free night of dancing in a beautiful place, and now you give me a gift? It seemed nutty.

But as we all know, favors are a part of weddings. That said, I’ve seen a few brides and grooms skip them lately, and I can’t say I missed them. However, in both instances, the couple did put together a goodie bag for out-of-town guests upon their arrival at the hotel.

I received something recently after a wedding, and while it wasn’t presented as a wedding favor, I thought it would make as good a favor as any I’ve seen. The bride and groom printed all the photos I was in from the photo booth, such as the one pictured, and sent me copies with their thank you card. It was nice because despite my best intentions, I probably never would have printed them myself. And it was something I actually wanted. Now I can frame the ridiculous photo above.

Why not do the same? It’s probably cheaper than the average favor, and you know your guests would love them. Granted, they’ll be receiving their favors way after the wedding, but you can have a sign by the photo booth saying guests should expect their photo favors in the mail.

If you’d rather have a favor that guests can hold in their hand the day of your wedding, which I totally get, check out some favor vendors here. And here’s another interesting idea for your photo booth.

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